Green Island Naturals CBD Honey Tears


200 mg CBD

“Honey helps cannabinoids and other naturally occurring compounds in cannabis to stay fresh for longer while also helping the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, tissues and organs.

CBD Honey Tears are hand-crafted in BC using food grade organic hemp flowers extracted with distilled grain alcohol. Contains raw organic BC farm honey as a natural preservative and standardization additive.

For oral consumption: Keep an eye on the dispenser markers as you secrete the oil. 1/10 of an applicator (20mg) is an average dose. May cause drowsiness, avoid operating heav y machinery after use. Can be eaten as is or mixed into foods.
For Topical use: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT MEANT FOR TOPICAL USE. CBD topical products are typically used for pain, psoriasis or eczema and are diluted into carrier oils at much lower concentrations than those found in this product.”


Cancer | Epilepsy | Crohn’s Disease| Insomnia | Pain | Appetite Loss | Stress | Anxiety | Nerve Pain | Muscle Spasms | Arthritis

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200mg CBD


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